The Community-Based Sickle Cell Project

The Community-Based Sickle Cell Project for sickle cell outreach, education and care, is housed at Brookdale University and Medical Center (Brookdale) in Brooklyn, N.Y. This Project is a collaboration between Brookdale, and three other medical centers, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Kings County Hospital Center, and Interfaith Medical Center, as well as two community-based agencies, Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center (BMS) and Caribbean Women's Health Association, Inc (CWHA).

Together, the partnership provides a coordinated and seamless system for hemoglobinopathy counseling for trait and disease, and for the detection, management, and treatment of sickle cell disease in our community by providing expanded community outreach, counseling, education, and screening services. Brookdale and its partners serve over 60% of Brooklyn's 2.4 million residents, a population often characterized by and racial and cultural diversity as well as poverty. Barriers to health care exist as indicated by high rates of infant mortality and morbidity.

Due to the high proportion of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Caribbean immigrants, the community has a high prevalence of sickle cell disease and trait. The population lacks information about sickle cell and the management of this disease. The partnership forms a comprehensive network of care, including screening, education, culturally competent genetic counseling, and follow-up care.

Project Staff is available to conduct community outreach, education, and counseling and work with schools, colleges, family/domestic/teen shelters, NYCDOH health centers, community medical groups, day care centers, faith-based institutions, public libraries and community boards to increase awareness and knowledge of sickle cell disease.Services are also available to screen and counsel uninsured parents of children identified as having sickle cell disease or trait.

Community-Based Sickle Cell Project Partners

  • SUNY Downstate Medical Center

  • Kings County Hospital Center

  • Caribbean Women’s Health Association, Inc.

  • Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center

  • Sickle Cell Thalassemia Patients Network


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