Child Life Program

For children and parents hospital visits and stays can be frightening. The Child Life Program at Brookdale University Hospital is here to help reduce the stress of illness, treatment, and hospitalization for patients and their family. The Child Life Staff provides therapeutic, educational and recreational activities to meet the unique emotional and developmental needs of our chronically ill children and their families. We aim to create an environment where your child can gain a better understanding of his/her hospitalization and medical treatments.

About Child Life

Certified Child Life Specialists are trained in child development and dealing with the effects of hospitalization on children. They work closely with the healthcare team to address the individual needs of Brookdale's patients and their families.

Child Life Services

Child Life Specialists promote effective coping through play, preparation, education, and self-expression activities. Services offered by our Child Life Program are the following:

Medical Preparation and Play

Children learn through play. Medical play allows children to get comfortable with medical equipment and procedures. It helps to alleviate anxiety and help gain a sense of control for children who are preparing for any medical procedures.

Procedural Support

Painful procedures are some times a reality of hospitalization. Child Life Staff is here to help children cope with difficult medical issues through various interventions such as distraction and relaxation techniques.

Supervised Play & Activities

Children need to play, especially when they are in a new, unfamiliar environment, such as the hospital. We encourage normal play activities and peer interactions while in the office and hospitalized. Child Life can provide children with arts and crafts, toys and games.

Family Support

Family is an important part of a child's life and healing process. We provided information and support to the families of our patient. Child Life Specialists also help siblings understand the medical situation and to work through their own feelings and concerns.

Special Events

Child Life organizes special events to provide opportunities for patients and their families to socialize with peers and gain a sense of normalcy. Special events include recreational activities, holiday parties, and special visitors.

Our Child Life Specialists

Janis Atty, MA, CCLS
Alexis Hodges, BS, CCLS


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